Living on 24 hours a day

The weekend has landed!

I always knew setting up a company would be hard work but there’s a big difference between knowing something as an abstract concept hanging loosely in the future and living through it as a fact.  It’s fun and very exciting.  The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of work.  Summer camp started on the 8th of July and I’ve been working roughly 12 hours every day six days a week.  The days have started to take shape and there is something of a routine beginning to emerge through the exciting motion that has been the last few weeks.

That said, everyday is still very different.  My teaching schedule has become an anchor of repetition in an otherwise pretty exciting swirl of new events and challenges that throw themselves up on a daily basis.  Leaking roofs, negotiations with the neighbors and warring business partners are all among the things that have jumped out at me in the last two weeks.

So I would have started this blog sooner but I’ve been a bit preoccupied, sorry.  This week we got pretty close to the 40 student mark (if you include one on one classes we passed it).  I’m rather satisfied with this small first step in the right direction.  It’s a good sign – it means our marketing people (that’s H and her student employees) are doing their job in getting students and I’m doing mine in retaining them.

Getting student’s is a greasy pole when it comes to calculating whose responsible for making them come (and in some cases losing them).  This question has been puzzling me quite a bit because H implemented an incentive system for our student employees – they get a modest 10% of any students tuition that they enroll.  So for example if one of the student employees meets a family, talks to them, and wins them over with their beautiful sales pitch and lovely smile but for whatever reason the family decide not to enroll that day but come back in the future and give their cash to another employee, well that’s just ‘太糟糕了’ (too bad!) to quote T!  Please give me any feedback or advice you can think of – because I do worry that if the staff feel like their hard work isn’t paying off – they wont work hard!  The incentives, however, seem to be working and so far one of the employees has scooped an impressive 10 students worth of commission!

Right blogging is fun but I’m going to go and enjoy the rest of my weekend, Sunday is still young! and I’ve a good afternoon ahead of me to have fun!


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