Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy business…

“Regular exercise at the gym, three days a week… fitter, happier, more productive…”

I finally broke and signed up to the gym in the city centre near our school.  Seeing as I’m waking at roughly 7am every morning and not normally getting home till about 7pm exercise has become something of an issue.  If I don’t exercise I begin to feel quite tense which spills over into every aspect of my life – and my teaching suffers.  And in this business teaching is more than teaching, it’s a multifaceted role of educating young minds, marketing and PR.

I’m not against gym’s I just always prefer to do exercise in my own way but by 7pm the last thing I really see myself doing is going for a run after a long slog of teaching.  However I can wholeheartedly say that signing up for the gym has been one of the best personal investments I have made for our company thus far.  And, of course, as an added bonus, I’m slowly learning a lot of Chinese I never thought I’d ever come into contact with (like tricep 三头肌).  If I am not in top shape I cannot do my best for this company!

In short, if my classes are not both educational and fun, the children wont want to come back, their parents wont want to send them to our school and word will spread.  Mother A will talk to mother B, who will talk to mother C.  Parents are intimately connected through some unseen network.  My work directly compliments that of H’s sales department.  She pulls the children in and I make them want to stay.  If I’m in a bad mood because I’ve been getting fat – well it’s just not worth talking about how bad it could be.


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