There just isn’t enough time in the day!

So I get up at seven am and into my first class for eight.  I taught for 4 and a half hours (with a few small breaks in between) then had lunch.  Had my mandatory afternoon nap (these are not an option here in the heart land of China) taught from two till four thirty, chatted with parents (PR work – stressful enough in English!) then an end of the day business meeting with H from five fifteen till six.  Waited for T to finish class at six fifteen as I had some things to chat to him about too about the business.  His hours are a bit sporadic at the moment and he actually seems to be doing more work out of the company than in the company.

By the time I got home it was approaching eight PM.  I sent some emails and checked some stuff out – it’s not fast approaching 8pm and tomorrows going to be even busier – where does one find the time to blog in between actually running a business and being its main product?

Happy children are sure to want to keep learning English ^_^


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