Nice to meet you!

This blog is dedicated to all of you who are interested in going into business here in the mainland of China – we’re a long way away from the comfort and splendor of Shanghai here on the banks of the Yangtze in Hubei!

This is my first foray into business and this experience has been absolutely amazing.  Everyday in my life is a little adventure.  I’m on an amazing learning curve and I’m more than willing to give any advice or information to anyone whose looking for it.  China is a giant contradiction, a massive hive of capitalist activity and giant dragon waking from a very long Maoist haze.  So if you’re having a bit of trouble getting your head around this place, don’t worry you’re not the first and you certainly wont be the last!

New Start English is my first ever company, I have two local business partners and I’m having a lot of fun.  Setting up the company has been quite an experience and the process of doing business here in China has been such an experience I feel compelled to share my own insights for anyone else who finds themselves in this situation.

There are two main characters in this mini drama T and H. I will be writing quite truthfully from my own perspective about them and what they do in the business.  I might not always have nice things to say but I will do my best to be objective.  Lots of other characters pop up from time to time in the story of New Start and they’ll be introduced on an ad hoc basis.

Pleasant reading folks!

Dave ^_^


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