T and H

My two business partners both deserve a short introduction.  Hopefully over the course of this blog you’ll be able to build up your own picture of them.  I think it’s important to talk about them here because business is a profoundly human event and their interactions can have a serious impact on the business.

Tony is my old friend and one time Chinese teacher who I met in the South of China roughly five years ago.  He’s an excellent teacher but a not a great business thinker.  He is a deeply sympathetic character who speaks amazing English.  Business meetings with him often turn sour or turn to laughter very quickly, whilst being very sympathetic he can also be bloody contrary and it often feels like he just likes to talk for the sake of talking.  Whilst this makes him an excellent teacher it is a pain in the ass for trying to make business decisions with a limited amount of time.

Helen on the other hand is someone I’ve not really known for so long.  I met her shorty after arriving here on the banks of the Yangtze.  She is like the total opposite of T, she is an excellent and slightly ruthless business partner but a very Chinese teacher in the traditional sense.  She often gets quite nasty towards T and this has caused quite a bit of friction.  In fact she can get quite nasty whenever she is not getting her own way.  Whereas T favors long regular business meetings where we discuss the same point again and again, H often acts alone and does things without consulting either of us.

I could write a lot more about these two very interesting characters.  However I’ll let the rest of the blog do that for me.


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